2018 rates for the zammar palace

4-Day trips (2 days of fishing) $1680
5-Day trips (3 days of fishing) $1885
6-Day trips (4 days of fishing) $2090

Rates are per person based on three to a panga. Accommodations at the Zammar Palace.

Where the giants live...



Private charter flights are available from San Diego's Brown Field and Tijuana Airport.  

For flights out Tijuana  you will have access to CBX bridge border crossing.

Call today for pricing with private flight options.


​​*Fishing license not included as many of our guests already have a Mexican fishing license.  If you do not have a fishing license please click on the MEXICAN FISHING LICENSE LINK tab to get directed to the web page to purchase your Mexican fishing license.

**New laws in Mexico include you getting an Mexican Tourist Visa (FMM).  Some visas are free however, you will need to click on the red MEXICAN TOURIST VISA LINK to see more details.  In order to get an FMM you will need a US passport.  Baja Fishing Convoys LLC package does not pay for or include any visa fees. 
Baja Fishing Convoys​ LLC and Orchid's Travel Services is an agent to all of these fishing destinations.  We are not responsible for any accidents, damages and or lost or stolen items of personal nature. Please use caution when traveling anywhere.  Common sense if your best ally.   If you have any questions please feel free to click on our contact us link and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Roundtrip ground transfers from San Diego to Ensenada  
Roundtrip flights from Ensenada to Cedros

Comfortable hotel accommodations

Meals and soft drinks

Panga fishing for 2, 3 or 4 days depending on length of trip

​Protected biosphere wrist bands for the amount of fishing days in package.

​Fish cleaning and packing and freezing


Vacuum pack will be available at  $1 USD a bag. This fee is payable to the hotel management in Cedros.
The airline charges approx $16 USD for each rod each way..  This fee is payable to the airline directly.  There are rods at the Zammar Hotel should you choose not too take your own rods to Cedros. Should you be taking a private aircraft there will be no rod fees and the weight restrictions vary per flight.
You will have 30 lbs. of free baggage.  Anything over the 30lbs. will be $1 usd a pound. Excess baggage fees are also payable to the airline directly.
You will need to have a Mexican fishing license before the trip.  You will need to buy that prior to going on the trip. Fishing license is not included in the package cost.


Deposit requirement is $600.   Final balance is due 60 days prior to the trip.  All deposits and payments are non-refundable.


We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance prior to your trip.  Insurance will protect your investment should it be cancelled for a covered reason.  Please check with the travel insurance you prefer or click on http://www.bajafishingconvoys.com/travel-insurance.htmlto get pricing on travel insurance.


High fishing season in Cedros is from June to October.  The most popular months are July, August and September.  The water is warmer and you have a better chance at catching more species in the warmer water.
Fish you can target are:
Huge yellowtail, Huge Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Black Sea Bass, Grouper, Sheepshead, Halibut
If the weather permits it you will be taken to Benitos Island.  There you can try for some Tuna and Wahoo.


Tipping is at your discretion but here is a guideline of what we generally see guests tip our staff.
Panga Captain - 20-40 dollars per angler per day
Fish Cleaner - 10 dollars per angler per day
Cooks - 10 dollars per angler per day
Maid - 5 dollars per angler per day
Envelopes will be provided at the hotel the last night so you can tip the hotel staff and fish cleaner.
You can choose to tip your panga captain on the last day of fishing or you can also tip with the hotel staff the last night of the trip.  Normally we do this after dinner that night.


We offer private aircraft flights from San Diego's Brown Field.  Rates can increase a minimum $1100 per person based on 3 people sharing the plane.  If less than 3 people are flying then cost will increase.  If more people are in the group then more that one aircraft will be chartered again considering rates of aircraft are based on 3 per aircraft.  Contact Orchid for more information.

How do I determine what the travel dates to Cedros from Ensenada are?

4 Day are Friday to Monday / 5 Days are Monday to Friday / 6 days are Wednesday to Monday

You can extend your trips as well.  Just call us to check on pricing for extensions.

( 6 1 9 ) 4 8 3  -  7 3 1 5