​​*Fishing license not included as many of our guests already have a Mexican fishing license.  If you do not have a fishing license please click on the MEXICAN FISHING LICENSE LINK tab to get directed to the web page to purchase your Mexican fishing license.

**New laws in Mexico include you getting an Mexican Tourist Visa (FMM).  Some visas are free however, you will need to click on the red MEXICAN TOURIST VISA LINK to see more details.  In order to get an FMM you will need a US passport.  Baja Fishing Convoys LLC package does not pay for or include any visa fees. 
Baja Fishing Convoys​ LLC and Orchid's Travel Services is an agent to all of these fishing destinations.  We are not responsible for any accidents, damages and or lost or stolen items of personal nature. Please use caution when traveling anywhere.  Common sense if your best ally.   If you have any questions please feel free to click on our contact us link and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

​What is BFC’s purpose?
We are here to provide help for anglers who wish book the best fishing experience in Baja as well as help create more work for the local hoteliers and panga owners.  We are a one-stop shop to making your Baja fishing dream trip come to life! 

How will BFC provide the best fishing experience in Baja?
By making sure that all your needs are met however, we don’t stop there.  We keep in contact with all the local fishing outfits throughout Baja to ensure that every aspect of your trip is going to run smooth.  This includes making sure that all entities that BFC works with has all proper documentation and licensing.  From the moment you cross the border going South to the moment you cross the border going North, we avoid you from having the unwelcomed surprises that can occasionally occur when travelling in Baja. 

  • This includes all your escorted ground and flight transportation throughout Baja having all proper permits and licenses.  We hire vans and planes with all up-to-date licensing in Mexico and the US.  Before you step on anyone’s vehicle or aircraft please reconfirm that it have the proper permits to operate in Mexico and the US.
  • We also make sure that each panga or boat you step on has all up-to-date licensing and permits.  Getting boarded by law enforcement and not having the proper permits is not a fun thing to happen. 
  • We also communicate with you, the angler,  to make sure you follow the local and federal laws within Mexico.  For example: making sure you know your fish limits, no drugs or guns allowed in Mexico, etc.

Why choose BFC?

With nearly 25 years of experience in the travel industry we take all your travel and fishing desires seriously.  You are not just booking with a people who only dream of providing excellent customer service, you are booking with professionals who know the importance in you having a great and memorable fishing trip without any glitches.  We make every effort to offer the best value for your money on your trips.  We suggest you use caution when booking with an organization that may not be qualified to take care of your investment.

Why are all your payments non-refundable?
We go through a great deal of work to secure a seat for you.  The deposits and payments will cover charges made by the local vendors to confirm the package.   Our vendors go through a great length of work and costs to make sure your trip is a successful trip.  We want to ensure that the vendor we work with is not prepping for your arrival in vain.  We ensure the vendor that the customers are serious about their trip to that vendor’s fishing destination.  The nonrefundable fees may also cover fees and or commissions that BFC has added to the package cost.  It takes a lot of time, work an money to make one trip a successful trip. 

How do I avoid cancellation penalties?
BFC strongly recommends travel insurance to protect your investments. We understand that there are in fact travel insurance companies that will cover cancellation penalties for any reason. We cannot advise on what the covered reasons are.  You will need to discuss with your favorite travel insurance provider for more information about coverage and costs.

Why does BFC not include Mexican fishing licenses in the cost of the trip?
Most of our guests already have a Mexican fishing license and that is the main reason why we don’t include the licenses. It will also keep that package cost low. Our web site has a link that leads to the web site to purchase Mexican fishing licenses.  We suggest you purchase a yearly license as it is fairly inexpensive and we just know that once you go on a BFC trip you will be back for more!

Will I be safe in Baja?
Yes!  Unfortunately the media has done a great deal in causing a worldwide concern for travelling to Mexico.  Most of the fishing destinations we offer in Baja are away from it all and off the grid.  BFC recommends that you be cautious when travelling anywhere in the world.   We invite you to join us to find out how magical Baja can be. 

Drug Policy

Mexico and Baja Fishing Convoys has ZERO tolerance for drug usage on any of our trips.  If we see you have taken illegal drugs with you on any of our trips we will be forced to end your trip immediately without a refund for the remainder of the trip and we will not be responsible for any fees for you to get back home.  Medical marijuana is NOT legal in Mexico, so please, leave all that at home!  Prescription drugs are fine.  

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